Divergent 3D is a Los Angeles-based startup which specializes in 3D metal printing techniques adapted from the aerospace industry, has revealed the world’s first 3D printed hypercar.

“Replaces conventional vehicle architecture, tooling and related factory assets with a proprietary, patented, end-to-end system for vehicle design and engineering, volume manufacturing and assembly.”

Divergent The Blade 3D Printed Hypercar Full

Divergent 3D has developed a 720 BHP hypercar made from aerospace-grade carbon fiber and aluminum alloys and has coined its creation the Blade. Equipped with four-wheel drive, the Blade is a lightweight machine that features a 3D printed chassis which weighs in at just 46 Kg (102 Lbs).

Divergent The Blade 3D Printed Hypercar Front

The start-up is backed by Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-Shing and raised $65 million USD in 2017 to develop its factory in to create parts for the automotive industry that are designed to dramatically cut the cost and environmental impact of car production. Divergent made the Blade to showcase the capabilities of 3D printing, resulting in a fully-road legal car that is inspired by jets — a design language which is continued into its in-line cabin featuring an aviation-influenced central seating position.

Divergent The Blade 3D Printed Hypercar Back

The technique centers around 3D printed aluminum joints that connect pieces of carbon fiber tubing to make the car’s chassis. The assembly can be done in minutes and can dramatically reduce pollution, materials and other capital costs.

Divergent The Blade 3D Printed Hypercar Model

“Creates a new architecture based on computer-driven optimization and additive manufacturing that evolves space frame into a significantly lighter, higher performance, safer, and lower cost vehicle structure.”

Divergent The Blade 3D Printed Hypercar Model Top

“We’ve found a way to make automobiles that holds the promise of radically reducing the resource use and pollution generated by manufacturing. It also holds the promise of making large-scale car manufacturing affordable for small teams of innovators.”

– Says Kevin Czinger, founder & CEO, Divergent Microfactories.

Divergent The Blade 3D Printed Hypercar Model Front

“Automates the design, manufacture and assembly of complex structures using Non-Design Specific Software, Additive Manufacturing and Robotic Assembly – the same system can be used for a wide range of automotive, aerospace and other applications.”

Divergent The Blade 3D Printed Hypercar Model Back

“Radically reduces lifecycle environmental impact by optimizing total vehicle “cradle-to-cradle” efficiency. Drives convergence of software and hardware product cycles for increased innovation.”

Divergent The Blade 3D Printed Hypercar Model Detail

No word has been said yet on performance figures or how much the 3D printed hypercar will cost.

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