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On 16th of March, our Creality contact came with great news: announcing the Ender 3 printer. We thought wow, a Creality printer this cheap with the Creality print quality? That’s a killer. Maybe we’ve been the first store to understand what Ender 3 will bring the world and we’ve started the hype.

There have been a few concerns about the delivery time from Smartie.Store. It’s time to make things clear and tell the story behind the scenes.

Once upon a time…

On 16th of March, we were told that Ender 3 printers will start dispatching from Creality on 15th of April. All was good, we’ve started the pre-order period (perhaps as the first store in the world as well).

Then all of the sudden (perhaps on 29th March), we’ve realized that someone on AliExpress is selling Ender-3s, we were like “what the…”? We’ve immediately reached out to our Creality contact asking for an explanation. The printers were supposed to start dispatching from China on 15th of April, right? The salesman said it’s actually Creality themselves who’s “just pre-selling” the printers. We thought OK, they are probably just pre-selling Enders the same way we do and they’ll start shipping them on 15th as our contact said.

But then 3 days later, we’ve seen someone on Facebook saying that they’ve got their tracking info and that their Ender is to be delivered in a few days. Mirek, our guy who negotiates with our suppliers was like:

The Creality salesman got a spam-hammered right afterward and guess what he said? “We’ve pre-sold 500 Enders 3 in 12 hours. I asked what’s the situation and it turns out that our B2C department has dispatched 80 printers as for market-testing. We have manufactured and prepared 500 Enders 3 so far and we are soon going to ship all of them. But B2B shipments will start dispatching on 15th as I originally said. No business client is going to get Enders now and it’s just 500 printers, about 0.001% that’s going to be manufactured overall.”

If you were one of the 80 lucky guys in the world who has received their Ender 3 upfront, congratulations.

Perhaps a lesson learned?

We tried to explain as kindly as we could that this is a really weird behavior from Creality and that it’s a hit under the belt. We are trying to be honest with our customers, give the best information we’ve got and this happens. Perhaps a lesson learned?

Anyway, after a bit of pressure, the salesman apologized for incomplete information and said he’ll contact the sales boss to see if anything can be done. He managed to come with a sort of resolution: 100 Enders 3 (from the 500) can be sold to B2B clients (us), immediately. We didn’t hesitate to buy all of them.

It took us 2 days to arrange the purchase. We also realized that we need a new, faster shipping method. Previously we have used sea freight as proposed by Creality. Shipping method by a sea freighter takes around 45 days to deliver to our warehouse. We needed to get them here sooner than that. Airplane shipping is too expensive at the same time, we would have to sell stuff for more. All the bad is good for something (a Czech saying), this situation pushed us to discover a new shipping method that we are lucky to be able to use because Europe and Asia are connected: trains!

Dem Trainz!

From now on, Smartie.Store is managing its shipping from China to our warehouse itself and it means about 20 days reduction in the shipping lag from Creality (and other suppliers in China) to us. A train takes roughly 15 days to get from China to Europe, rest of the time is loading and unloading the cargo.

At the moment, we (perhaps as the first Creality reseller in the world) have got 100 Enders 3 being prepared for shipping in Creality. The schedule is:

  1. Pickup from Creality on Tue 10th of April.
  2. Transport to the loading site until the deadline on Thu 12th.
  3. Loading period.
  4. Train departure on 18th of April.
  5. Transport to Europe.
  6. Arrival to our warehouse by around May 2. – Update 24th of April: delayed by 6 days.
  7. Dispatch to your door as soon as we can manage. Local pickups available immediately.

This process would have originally started on 15th of April soonest. We know you guys are eager to get your printers and as you can see, we are honestly doing our best to get them to you in a reasonable time and price.

We’ll keep you updated on the progress using our Facebook page statuses, please follow us to receive notifications.

More Enders 3 will be dispatched in our direction from Creality progressively. If you haven’t grabbed yours, you can do so now.

Thank you for staying with us and supporting us!

Your Smarties


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