We thought those legal brain twisters are boring, so we’ve prepared a simpler and better understandable version of our terms and conditions. You can still view the original Terms and Conditions page if you enjoy such things though.

Generally, we are trying to be very fair e-store as far as practically possible without being abused.

Payment, Shipping and Dispatch

All our payment options are processed and secured by industry leading providers.

You can select the payment and shipping method you prefer at the cart / checkout order steps. We may select a different shipping service than you have chosen if the shipping service or your choice is not available for any reason. If a different shipping method than you have paid for is selected for your given order, we pay any additional costs, unless you are notified before you have purchased.

Normally we do our best to dispatch your order until 12:00 central European time the next working day after you have purchased. If a part of your order is not in stock by the time you have purchased (which should be clear from the product page before you purchase), the dispatch is naturally postponed until we have all goods from your order in stock. If you wish, you may contact the support anytime and ask to split your order in separate parts to get the goods currently in stock sooner, which comes with additional shipping costs we’ll ask you to pay.

Unless stated otherwise in a given product’s page, our products are dispatched from inner EU warehouses to our customers (after being legally imported to EU). Unless stated otherwise in a given product’s page, price includes EU customs duty and does also include the EU VAT.

Returns and Refunds

If the product you have ordered and received is not as described on our website, we’ll pay the shipping back from you and refund your order.

If you have ordered something which has not been dispatched yet and in the meantime you have changed your mind, you can ask the support to cancel your order and we’ll fully refund your payment.

If you have ordered and received an item and then you have changed your mind before opening the product’s box, you may contact our support to return the products you have ordered. We’ll accept the products back and we’ll refund your payment minus shipping costs back to our warehouse.

If you have ordered, received and opened a product that is functioning well and is as described, but for any reason you would like to return it, chances are we won’t accept it back or we’ll accept it back refunding your payment only partially. This mostly depends on which product have you ordered and the current condition of the item.

Warranty and Replacements

There’s 1 year warranty on any goods Smartie.Store sells unless stated otherwise on the product’s page. It’s because the vast majority of the suppliers we work with only offers 1 year warranty.

If a product you have received is incomplete or malfunctioning, you can feel free to contact our support. We’ll assist you with reclaiming the missing parts you should have received or with your item’s repair. You won’t be asked to communicate with the manufacturer directly unless absolutely necessary. We are doing our best to arrange everything behind the scenes.

Shipping back to the manufacturer and then to you is paid by the manufacturer.

Please understand that most of our manufacturers are located very far away, so it may take some time for reclaims to process, yet we are doing our best to make everything as smooth as possible to avoid any potential delays.

Your Privacy

Cold calls and email spam are out of fashion, we get that.

We won’t use your phone at all. We need your phone just so the shipping companies can either call you or text when your parcel is about to be delivered.

We don’t send any offers or news to your email address. Nobody reads them anyway. If you wish to stay up to date with Smartie.Store offers, please either follow our social media or click the bell button. You can opt out anytime.

Your email address will only receive important updates regarding your orders’ status and your personal account if necessary.

Your data is well encrypted and safe. We use industry standard approaches to secure your data and we never give your details to anyone without your knowledge (shipping or reclaim purposes).

We use cookies to display personalized content. What does it mean? For example, we are trying to show you only content similar to whatever you have viewed on Smartie.Store before. If you like 3D printing, 3D printing related stuff will be displayed for you preferably and so on.


And that’s it. We are trying the best we can to make Smartie.Store a great store. We hope these points sound reasonable.

If you think anything additional should be here, please don’t hesitate to contact us and say what has to be said. 🙂