Hi there!

Mirek from Smartie here.

Thank you for your support and patience

First of all I would like to thank you for your incredible support and patience. Smartie Filament has been a project of ours that we’ve started working on in August 2018. “3D printing filaments for half the price for everyone.” Doesn’t it sound good? Maybe too good? Perhaps it sounded so good that even certain professionals from the field of 3D printing filament business told me it’s not possible. Six months later, after struggling with several seemingly unsolvable problems, we are turning “the impossible” into reality.

Obviously, the plan has stretched. Originally we wanted to announce Smartie Filament in November and start shipping at the beginning of December. Believe me if I tell you that although we later planned to start shipping at the beginning of January (and we really wanted to), the unexpected happened and we were still struggling with a part of the production process until the middle of previous week.

The unexpected happens all the time with new projects, specially with unique projects. Maybe getting from idea to production in 6 months is not that bad if you consider how many projects in general are never finished. I’ve seen multi-million dollar crowdfunding projects that never delivered.

We are building our stock

The good news is that now the production process seems to be polished and the produced filaments look very good in terms of quality. Right now we are building our stock to fulfill your orders and we are starting to ship the first Smartie Filaments out. Please be patient if you are not one of the first to receive your shipment, it takes some time to produce, pack and deliver. We are doing our best and we can only improve from now on.

Patience is worth it, think about this way: if Smartie Filament proves itself (and we know it will), it will set a whole new standard in the 3D printing world. Other manufacturers will have to take action in order to compete with Smartie Filament. They will have to optimize their business model and production in order to keep up. We may expect a wave of innovation and price cutting. A revival shock that’s been needed for a long time. Ever since I have been interested in 3D printing, I said to myself that filaments should be really cheap, like nothing to buy and build from, so 3D printing is possible for everyone.

We would love to hear your feedback

Are you in to help us get this started? Great. Just as no product has ever came to market perfect for the first time, there will be room for improvement of Smartie Filament as well. At this point, we’ve tuned up everything we could think of. But you, the actual end users in large scale, are likely to find out things that we can’t see yet and we need you to tell us. Please keep in mind that only your constructive feedback, both positive and negative, can make Smartie Filament really the best filament in the world.

I hope it’s clear that this effort happens not just for us to “have something to sell”, but to bring a change in 3D printing. Your support is most valued and really helps the project.

Thank you!


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