Hey guys!

We are thrilled to finally announce the Smartie Filament! We’ve been working on this project for a couple of months now and we are finally ready to let you guys try it out as well. We are starting out with PLA.

Key features:

– The most affordable filament ever. 9.99€/1Kg
– The diameter error of +/-0.05mm max.
– Almost 97-100% bio-based (depending on color, the transparent version is 100%)
– Environmentally friendly (thanks to a re-usable spool solution).
– Available for the entire EU from the beginning of January.

Please see our announcement video and share it with all the other 3D printing folks!

We will be now adding almost every day a new PLA color, click the bell button at the bottom right to receive notifications. We will also run polls on our Facebook page to let you guys choose new colors to add, please like/follow the page to see the poll posts.

Go ahead and check the currently available colors in our store.

Excited to hear your feedback from the first beta filaments we send out!

– Your Smarties!

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