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Smartie Spoolie (spool for Smartie Filaments)

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Wooden reusable spool for Smartie Filaments.

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Meet Smartie Spoolie, the environmentally friendly reusable spool

You can also 3D print Smartie Spoolie, the source files are available on Thingiverse.

In order to cut the manufacturing costs as much as possible, we’ve decided to take advantage of any resource-saving approaches we could think of. That, besides other things behind the scenes, results in the filaments being distributed without spools.

To print using Smartie Filament, you can either salvage most of the conventional filament spools or you can use our reusable spool, which we’ve created especially for this purpose. Our reusable spool is cheap and can be purchased from our store along with Smartie Filaments or if you have the opportunity, you can 3D print our reusable spool yourself at home. We have made the source files publicly available on Thingiverse.

Conventional spools are one-time use and generate waste that has been an increasingly apparent flaw of 3D printing. Besides lowering the price, we believe reusable spools are the way to go and will make 3D printing even more efficient over time. Obviously, the reusable spools sold by us are made from wood, which is a more environmentally-friendly resource than the standard spools.

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