Smartie Filament PLA-1 Smartie-Blue 1kg 1.75mm Cost Effective

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Smartie Filament is the most cost-efficient 3D printing filament.

Shipping to CZ from 3.49€: DPD 2-3 days

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Because a high percentage of Smartie Filaments were reported as low quality in our Smartie Filament beta program (about 32% of dispatched units), we are temporarily suspending sales due to manufacturing equipment upgrades. We are expecting to resume the production by the end of May 2019. Our Smartie Filament beta customers with reportedly low-quality units had their money refunded. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the beta to help us with the next step to the future we are building – a future with 3D printing accessible to everyone. Follow our social media to get notified when the production starts again.

Brand New Smartie Filament
the most cost-efficient 3D printing filament

Smartie.Store was founded by smarties, just like you. Since we’ve started, our goal has been to bring innovation and move the community at least a tiny step forward. After establishing the business earlier this year (March 2018), we’re taking our very first opportunity to bring our first contribution to the 3D printing world.

Over the past few months, we’ve been preparing a little surprise and we are happy to present the Smartie Filament, the most cost-efficient 3D printing filament you have always been looking for.

Here at Smartie.Store we believe that one day, 3D printers will be part of every household, but currently, there are still two big obstacles. First is affordability, the less 3D printing costs, the more people will be able to start 3D printing. Second is the ease of use. Today we are making an advance on the affordability front.

We have decided to set the price at 9.99€ per 1 Kg of PLA Type 1 to make production sustainable for now.

Smartie Filament PLA-1
Smartie Spoolie

Meet Smartie Spoolie
the environmentally friendly reusable spool

In order to cut the manufacturing costs as much as possible, we’ve decided to take advantage of any resource-saving approaches we could think of. That, besides other things behind the scenes, results in the filaments being distributed without spools.

 To print using Smartie Filament, you can either salvage most of the conventional filament spools or you can use our reusable spool, which we’ve created especially for this purpose. Our reusable spool is cheap and can be purchased from our store along with Smartie Filaments or if you have the opportunity, you can 3D print our reusable spool yourself at home. We have made the source files publicly available.

 Conventional spools are one-time use and generate waste that has been an increasingly apparent flaw of 3D printing. Besides lowering the price, we believe reusable spools are the way to go and will make 3D printing even more efficient over time. Obviously, the reusable spools sold by us are made from wood, which is a more environmentally-friendly resource than the standard spools.

Inspect Your Filament Online
to see  filament’s specific properties

We’ve followed the latest industry trends and made our filaments inspectable online.

For any spool of filament you purchase, you can scan the QR code that comes with it. This QR code will then take you to our filament check website to see the filament’s specific properties.

Filament Inspection
Smartie Filaments

More Colors
and more types

At this point, we are starting out with some basic colors. We will add more and more colors and types over time. In the future, we want to take further steps to lower the price even more wherever possible. We are also going to offer additional filament types such as PETG, ASA, ABS and more.

Any further developments of Smartie Filaments are going to be mostly affected by sales. The more we sell, the more innovation we’ll be able to bring and the lower the costs will be.

We’ve invested our time, money and effort to make this happen to help move 3D printing a little step forward, now we need your support. Besides purchasing Smartie Filament, the most important thing you can do is share this news everywhere and with anyone who might be interested. Even if you can’t buy our filament for any reason, someone else might want to. The more people know about our venture, the more funding we are likely to get for our projects.

Custom Colors
are available

We are open to custom filament color inquiries under special conditions.

Please, contact us for more information by Messenger or email us on [email protected]

Color Palette
Weight 1.1 kg


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