Hey guys!

As always we are working on making Smartie.Store better. Lately we’ve been focusing on shipping options. The bigger we are the better options we have. In fact the more we pay to our partners the less their services cost on a smaller scale.

It’s not just that our forwarders give us better prices, it’s many other things around. The more boxes and tapes we buy, the less it costs per a delivery to pack. Having full-time packers costs less per box than part-time packers. The more material and services we buy, the more interesting we are for suppliers who can offer even better prices. We can also invest in our inner systems and become more efficient.

And it’s not just about costs, it’s also about reliability, quality and speed. We are increasing our average delivery time to nearby countries from an average of 5-9 days to 2-4 days. We’ve already got some experience with our existing forwarders, so we can pick the faster and more reliable ones. Besides that, we can afford better tools material and pack faster and better.

Right now we have option negotiations with several new forwarders and over time we are hoping to be able to make our shipping options more affordable, reliable and fast enough for everyone.

There’s already two good news: a new shipping option “Packeta” for packages up to 10 Kg significantly reduces our shipping rates for smaller orders. You can already select it in the cart if your shipping address is in either: Hungary, Poland, Germany, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, United Kingdom or Italy. Yes, you can finally buy just a couple of filaments without purchasing a printer to make it worth.

Few examples:

  • CR20 to Germany from 22.42€ to 11.22€
  • Ender 3 to Germany from 22.42€ to 11.22€
  • 1kg filament to Germany from 17.73€ to 6.33€

Besides that, we’ve got our first forwarder for B2B shipping. For bigger orders we can now offer better shipping rates than before and the main thing: we are finally able to dispatch a wholesale order of any size at once, you no longer have to be catching your delivery in smaller packages around. If you have considered purchasing from us in bulk before, feel free to contact us again to inform yourself.

This is just the beginning. We’ve moved our warehouse to the German borders to be able to send for inner rates in Germany… !!coming soon!!

Stay tuned. 🙂

Thanks guys, we love you.

– Your Smarties

PS: Here’s a few filaments to get started ;-P

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