Horizontal Wind Turbine S 400W with 12V/24V Controller 6 Blades

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  • 12V
  • 24V
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Renewable energy for the future

Small wind turbines may be used for a variety of applications including on- or off-grid residences, RVs / campervans, boats, telecom towers, offshore platforms, rural schools and clinics, remote monitoring and other purposes that require energy where there is no electric grid, or where the grid is unstable. Hybrid solar and wind-powered units are increasingly being used for traffic signage, particularly in rural locations, as they avoid the need to lay long cables from the nearest mains connection point.

Wind map

Features and details

Decomposition of wind turbine

  • Low start-up speed, high wind power utilization, light,  low vibration.
  • User-friendly design, easy to install and maintain.
  • Blades using Nylon fibre helped with optimized structure and aerodynamic shape, it enhanced wind power coefficient and power generating capacity.
  • Using patented permanent magnet rotor AC generator and special stator, it effectively reduces torque resistance, makes wind turbines and generators have more good matching characteristic and guarantees the stability.

Wind Turbine DetailsWind Turbine Details


Technical Data

Wind Turbine Generator Controller

Small wind controller is specially designed for the high-end small wind power system. Pure wind power system and pure wind monitoring system. Converts the wind power to electrical energy and stores into the battery.

  • High-class military-grade components are selected for the product’s stability.
  • Perfect function protection makes sure that the system has high reliability.
  • Nixie tube and LED light directive function, easy operation.
  • Voltage-limiting and current-limiting charging mode to ensure the best charging status.
  • Superior Aluminum alloy appearance design, small in size and efficient in heat dissipation.

Packaging Contains

  • horizontal wind turbine S 400W
  • controller (12V or 24V)
  • 6 blades
  • three-phase AC permanent magnet synchronous generator (with tail)
  • fairing, crews and nuts

Wind Turbine 400W Package

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 120 × 39.5 × 30 mm

12V, 24V

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