3DFiL Yellow ABS Filament, 1Kg, 1.75mm

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ABS is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene a 3D printing plastic. It’s a versatile petroleum-based material that belongs to a family of thermoplastic polymers. ABS is a strong material and is easy to modify the parts after printing for its higher melting point.

3DFIL filaments are from Czech based company. Their products are worth to try as the products quality is high and their price is insane.

The downside of ABS is that it’s a tricky filament for the novice to work with. The main reason is that it flows slowly from the print head and shrinks as it cools down. Unless all the printer settings are exact, too much shrinking can make high-precision printing difficult.

It’s best to use ABS with a 3D printer that has a heated print bed. This is important as this reduces warping and the potential for cracking during the cooling down process. ABS can also have a slight odor when printing so a well-ventilated room is recommended.

It’s an ideal choice of 3D filament for printing mock-ups, concept models, figurines, and all kinds of gadgets and also where durability is required.

Weight 1.3 kg

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