Hi buddy!

Thank you for visiting Smartie.Store. Let us introduce ourselves and our smartie intentions! 🙂

We are a few people from central Europe, who always wanted to start an online store with DIY goods and electronics. Being creative smarties geekies who love playing around with gadgets and codes and all the latest tech just like you, we decided to build our dream e-store. A place where we would be happy to buy stuff we want, at prices we want.

The E-Store of Creative Smarties

Think of it as if customers like you were building their own shop. On Smartie.Store, we don’t want the bad things that you usually encounter on similar stores, the fact that nobody cares about you as a customer. User support is rubbish if you even get to contact someone. Everything they want is just seeing the cash counters spin, replying to your questions or giving an advice is additional hassle. Knowing nothing about what they are selling. True, we are just starting out and understand that running a shop is not always easy, but we would like to do our best to treat you, our valuable customers who actually make this store possible, as our friends. Just like friends with similar hobbies treat each other.

We will be happy to try to help if you need anything extraordinary, that other stores wouldn’t even think about helping you, for example:

  • Looking for options to offer stuff that you would like to see on our store, but is missing there or is unbelievable expensive everywhere else.
  • Changing your order after it has been paid, before it has been shipped.
  • Shipping your order to the edge of the world if possible. We know what is it like living out of cities or even on remote islands. As long as there is a way to ship your order there, we’ll do our best to make it happen. Even if our default shipping methods don’t show any automatic shipping options for you.
  • Helping you to choose the right product to buy if you are not sure or finding additional information you need to know. Not just before buying, but after you’ve bought too.
  • Allowing you to pick up your order in person if you live close to our warehouse. It’s non-sense that some internet stores would send you goods by post even if their warehouse is just around the corner. Yeah, we’ve experienced that too.

…and anything that makes you happy from what we can do for you.

Prices That Make Sense

Besides that, we’d like to keep the prices real. Have you ever had a feeling that a product’s price doesn’t make much sense, but all e-stores sell it for the same high price even if the expenses for manufacturing such a thing must be little? Well what regular sellers want to do is to make as much money on you as possible. What we want to do is keeping Smartie.Store alive in a reasonable way. If we can sell something cheaper, we’ll not increase the price more than necessary.

Yep, That Where We Are Heading

Friendly communication, reasonable prices, fair interaction. These things are part of our vision for Smartie.Store. If you want to support this, buy from us.

…And bare with us. As we are just starting, maybe you won’t see as much goods for sale here as elsewhere. Maybe you’ll have a suggestion here to the store’s functions and there to what information we should add to a product. Maybe you’ll see a mistake here and there.

Feel Free to Get in Touch

That’s what we can work on and make better over time. Never hesitate to let us know your suggestions and ideas, only that way we’ll know where we can advance.

Thank you for taking your time to read this message.

Have a lovely day and feel free to connect with us using the chat widget even just… for a chat. 🙂 It’s like…

“Smartie.Store, the only e-store in the world which you can feel free to contact just… for a chat.”

See ya around!

– Your Smarties

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