Sounds crazy right? While it is well known that the Prusa printers are the more expensive ones aiming for superior print quality, Anets are the primarily low cost printers who have been improving their print quality over time. Creality3D has been fitting right in the middle of these two brands, reaching superior print quality while being not as expensive.

Now Creality has taken on the mission impossible to beat both Prusa i3 and Anet A8 printers, keeping the print quality their printers already provide and making the cost of a printer as low as an Anet.

Awesome news. Great and easy 3D printing is again one step closer to anyone.

We shall call it Creality3D Ender-3

Ender-3’s print size is 220mm * 220mm * 250mm. From any footage we’ve been able to get this far, it seems like it’s a very compact compact printer. No huge control box is laying next to the printer, instead a decent LCD panel is attached right to the construction.

This could be called a “standard” printing size allowing you to print most of the STLs (models) you can find around the internetz.

And the price? 154€ now only at Smartie.Store (initial sale price) 🙂

Wonderful choice for beginners who don’t necessarily want to start out by printing large stuff.

The printer is going to be available for pre-order here on Smartie.Store from today. Initial shipments are expected on 15th of April. If you pre-order an Ender-3 until then, you can enjoy a discounted price!

Our pre-sale discount schedule will be the following:

  • -15% until Sunday 18th of March
  • -10% until Saturday 31st of March
  • -5% until Sunday 15th of April

Time to go and grab it!! 🙂

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