The share of renewables in Costa Rica’s power generation system reached 99.62% so far in 2019.

Costa Rica is blessed with an abundance of free-flowing water which it uses to generate more than 78% of the electricity it needs. But it is committed to getting to 100% renewables as soon as the end of 2020. Is that even possible? In 2019, 99.62% of the country’s electricity came from renewables, according to REVE. In addition to hydro, 10.29% was derived from wind turbines, 10.23% from geothermal energy, and 0.84% from solar.

With a populace of under 5 million, Costa Rica is focused on turning out to be 100% carbon unbiased this year. To help arrive at that objective, it is thinking about a few activities that will support the quantity of electric vehicles on its streets. It is likewise thinking about further advancement of its geothermal vitality assets, as indicated by Think Geo Energy.

Grupo ICE, Costa Rica’s national service organization, says it doesn’t anticipate an extension of interest for power past current limit yet will hope to include geothermal assets as existing offices arrive at the finish of their normal assistance life. Going ahead, the utility will de-underline further extension of hydroelectric force for more wind, sunlight based, and geothermal limit. Some portion of the explanation is that the hydro offices are situated a long way from the populace habitats and require huge framework venture to ship the power they create to the national lattice.

Hazel Cepeda Hodgson, the utility’s General Manager, said:

While Grupo ICE won’t go into the development of new activities in the coming years, the examination and arranging of the vitality framework directs that by 2027, how about we survey on the off chance that we should attempt another venture toward the finish of the helpful existence of a portion of our plants. Provided that this is true, it would be in geothermal vitality where there is extraordinary potential.

Hopefully, Costa Rica’s success with cutting carbon emissions and developing renewable energy will influence other countries to follow. Even though not every country has the hydroelectric resources that Costa Rica has, they can still follow their positive attitude towards protecting the environment.

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