Hey guys, for everyone who celebrates the Mother’s day on May (or later) we have prepared a few ideas you can 3D print for your moms. ūüôā Even if you don’t celebrate this day in your country or if you just don’t like this kind of holiday at all, we believe that it is always nice to make your mom happy. And why not to 3D print something for her? We tried to choose different¬†styles so hopefully, you will be able to find something which would fit to¬†her style. Or you can just take it as an¬†inspo. ūüėČ

1. Mother’s Day Sculpture

This sculpture is a¬†very universal idea, which we believe can make a smile on every mom’s face.


2. Wave Vases

We are in love with this original style of wave vases and you can choose from 4 different shapes! It might be nice to 3D print and bring some nice flower with you which your mom could put in afterward. ūüėČ


Lacking filament? Smartie.Store has got some filaments for you to print all this handy stuff with:


3. PLActron vase delta

Another beautiful vase which is in a different kind of style and might be a great decoration even without a flower.


4. Makeup Brush Cleaner with UV LEDs

This makeup brush cleaner is a nice gift for every woman¬†who loves¬†makeup. But this idea is not only about 3D print though… a bit of electronics skills needed.


5. Plantygon РModular Geometric Stacking Planter

Does your mom love gardening? This modular geometric stacking could be a great gift for her!


6. Cluster РThe full-sized stool

Original, nice and clean design of a proper full-sized stool.


7. Measuring Cups

If your mom loves baking, these measuring cups are a great tool you can 3D print for her.


8. Low Poly Candle Holder

Minimalistic candle holder. Looks nice 3D printed in the wood imitation but could be good looking 3D printed with a basic color filament.


9. Thailand Buddha

Does your mom do yoga or got incense sticks everywhere? This little Buddha could be a nice gift for her.

10. 3D Print sandals

If your mom loves shoes, these 3D printed sandals can’t be missing in her shoe rack.


11. Marilyn Monroe Mosaic Р6 colors printable mosaic

For everyone, who love Marilyn Monroe, the icon of 20. century.


12. Cat statue scan

Yes, this is a beautiful cat statue for every cat woman.


13. Mixee Bag

Very original and beautiful shoulder bag.


14.¬†Zheng’s Garden Guardian

If your mom does have a garden, this Zheng’s guardian might be a great choice to 3D print.


15. Eiffel Tower 1900 mm

If your mom is in love with France, this almost 2 metres Eiffel Tower is such a perfect decoration gift!


Hope you were able to find an idea what to 3D print for your mom! ūüôā If you will 3D print some of the ideas listed above, let us know and/or tag us on social media¬†as @smartie.store so we can see your 3D prints! And also, you can share with us and everybody your 3D print ideas. ūüôā

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