Looking for something to print this weekend?

How about print something that will not only give you something to watch being printed but will also make your (or someone else’s) life easier?

Check out these:

1. Measuring Spoons in Hard-To-Find and Useful Sizes

The sizes included in this set are:

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2. Bottle Opener

The bottle opener can help people with arthritis or limited finger dexterity open standard water bottle caps (⌀ 30mm or 1.18”). It provides a large gripping surface and clamps onto the caps with a small squeeze, allowing users to remove or screw on water bottle caps.

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Lacking filament? Smartie.Store has got some filaments for you to print all this handy stuff with:


3. Pasta Strainer

A handy strainer for pouring out the water after cooking pasta or vegetables. Easy to just rinse after use, keep on a hook near the kitchen sink.

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4. Sliding Door Bolt

Garden door not closing? This sliding door bolt could be of some use…

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5. Filament cutter (1.75mm)

This is a quite handy tool to cut your 1.75mm filament, so you have always a clean 45° Cut to feed your filament stress free into your printer.

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6. Springy Apple Cable Savers

iPhone cables are notoriously known for breaking easy. This attachment should give yours a longer lifetime.

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7. Compact Phone / Tablet Stand

This Tablet / Phone stand is a super simple stylish design. The stand was designed to be as small as possible, so it is quick and easy to print as well as not consuming a lot of filament, but adequate to hold most tablets and phones in either orientation.

You can use a tablet or phone in the stand however if it slides around too much on hard surfaces (as plastic can) the base / footprint could easily have thin foam rubber padding added to make it non-slip.

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8. Capsule Organizers

The range of ‘Capsules’ are fun and practical storage containers that look like a medicine capsule so can be configured in any combination of colors and will look great!

Capsules come in a range of sizes for all sorts of different uses… including medications, cables, parts, small toys, nuts and bolts, jewelry… and lots more. There is an endless array of things that could be stored in a Capsule… so reusable as well and will make a great unique and fun gift as well. Plus… very handy to use when traveling to keep small items together and safe.

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9. Earplug Cable Tidy

The Earplug Cable Tidy lets you securely wind up the cable and protects mobile device Earplugs. Once you’ve used it a few times it’s quick and easy to keep your Earplugs safe and the cable wound away tidily.

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10. Hex Wings

One of the things that every man should always carry…

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