1. Safety glasses

This is a multi-component print that can be assembled into a set of steampunk-style glasses frames which snap-fit over standard safety glasses.

2. Dice

3. Nixie Tube Clock

Create a desktop Steampunk style Nixie Tube Clock. You will need to acquire a Nixie Tube Clock kit and other misc hardware to assemble this clock.

4. Gears

Could be part of your steampunk costume.

Lacking filament? Smartie.Store has got some filaments for you to print all this handy stuff with:

5. Articulated LED lamp

A variation to this elegant design with gear knobs and a 12V pin LED-fitting.

6. Iphone X case

Create your original steampunk case for Iphone X.

7. Clothes hanger

Hanger for clothes in the steampunk style. You can hang many things at the same time.

8. Pipes lamp

A lamp for 4 light bulbs, best results with a copper-spray finish and some led-fillament light bulbs.

9. Cube gears

10. Purse

Just a fun costume piece.

Hope you found your favourites and if you will print some, you can share them with us on any social media and tag us with @Smartie.Store!


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