1. Christmas Cookie Tree Kit

Based on “Star cookie cutter/Christmas decoration” by rgproduct, this kit contains various size star cookie cutters and base to create a Christmas Tree using star-shaped cookies. Use the various size cookie cutters to cut out the cookies, and the center punch to create the hole. Bake and decorate your cookies, then stack them on the stand to make your tree!

2. Hammerhead Shark Cookie Cutter

3. Collection – Heroes cookie cutters


4. Rainbow Mickey Cookie Cutter

5. Gingerbread House Cookie Cutter 

Lacking filament? Smartie.Store has got some filaments for you to print all this handy stuff with:

6. Christmas Sock Cookie Cutter

7. Cute Cookie cutters


8.Domino Cookie Cutter

If you like clarting about this is for you! Why not make your own edible set of dominoes.

9.Christmas Cookie Cutters

10. 3D Christmas Cookie Cutters

These are a set of cookie cutters that can be used to create 3D sugar cookies that assemble together. There are cutters for a tree, a star, a reindeer, a sleigh, and a snowflake. Check out the instructions for how to make these awesome cookies. Definitely a great way to have fun with kids over the holidays.


Hope you found your favourites and if you will print some, you can share them with us on any social media and tag us with @Smartie.Store!



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