1. Tic Tac Toe 

This is a pretty easy project and makes a nice holiday gift.

2. Tablut

This is a tablut, a viking board game, not a copy but a fantasy version.

3. Dominoes

This is a full 28 piece Domino set along with a box to store them in. The box has two small holes for magnets as well as placement for hinges.

4. Balancing Twigs Game

A simple game with a charming design. Balancing Twigs teaches physics, perseverance and playful competition.

5. Sorry!


Lacking filament? Smartie.Store has got some filaments for you to print all this handy stuff with:

6. Mill

This is a version of the classic mill game.

7. Four in a row

This is foldable 4-in-a-row chess with 9 x 9 grids. 

8. Chess

9. Hive

10. Go

This is a 9×9 goban – the board for playing the ancient strategy game of Go.


Hope you found your favourites and if you will print some, you can share them with us on any social media and tag us with @Smartie.Store!











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